What People are Saying

If you are serious about not just passing the exam but genuinely understanding the material of this course, then you will not be disappointed!! This seminar brings the textbook learning to another level. I would highly recommend taking it to everyone. The tools make remembering and calculations so much simpler.

Natalie Dugale
CSC1 June 2017

Doug was an excellent instructor. He did a great job explaining difficult concepts. He related the material to real life occurrences. He was energetic, happy to receive our questions and was very personable.

A lot of material to cover, but the materials were well organized and tests were very helpful. The layout and format of the materials made rules and concepts easier to understand.

Gretchen Wojahn
LLQP June 2017

Very good seminar. Good instructors, very knowledgeable, answered all my questions helpfully and with real world examples. Learning the financial math here is much better than through the course text which can be confusing. Also the practice questions were very helpful.

Mike Rosati
WME November 2016

Very well suited to experienced industry professionals – topical, easy to relate to content but concepts clearly explained and illustrated. Instructor was concise, clear and obviously experienced – knows the purpose of this exam for most of us taking the course. Focus on material needed for testing success, rather than the entire body of material.

Paul Harrison
IMT November 2016

Very informative, helped clarify what the text book was saying. Leaving the seminar I feel prepared to write the exam and more knowledgeable in general. Review and memory tips, also focus on topics of interest for the exam.

Kristin Parker
PMT March 2017

I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude to you and the instructors who led the spring session of the CFP examination prep-course. The class structure was intense and jam-packed with information and practice problems. The materials provided were excellent. The instructors were eager to help with questions at break and after class and were genuine in their efforts. I passed the CFP examination in June 2015 and would like to say thank you!


Shaun Heslegrave
CFP June 2015

What I liked best about the seminar: thorough coverage of the information, succinct coverage of material in class, interaction with instructors, practice question and instructors’ view of how to navigate exam questions.
P.S. Gail was awesome!

Laura Peterson
FPSC1 November 2016

Very helpful prep – excellent notes. Ron was really excellent! Very knowledgeable, patient and organized materials well. (He used) lots of great examples and focused on exam success and learning. Use of mnemonics was very helpful.

Raj Vijh
PDO October 2013

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