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CPH – Conduct and Practices Exam Prep


Chapter 2: Regulation of the Securities Industry

1. In respect to money laundering, “willful blindness” is a situation that arises when individuals are aware that a situation should be investigated but fail to follow through. The usual reason for willful blindness is that the individual does not want to jeopardize a business deal or business relationship. Not reporting a suspicious transaction, due to willful blindness, is punishable by the federal government for a fine of up to _________ and/or imprisonment for up to __________.

a) $5 million ; 5 years.

b) $2 million ; 2 years

c) $2 million ; 5 years

d) $1 million ; 3 years


Chapter 3: Registration of Securities Industry Participants

2. Under NI 31-103, the CSA refers to salespeople as ?

a) Investment Advisors

b) Investment Representatives

c) Dealing Representatives

d) Financial Advisors




1. c) $2 million ; 5 years

2. c) Dealing Representative


Conduct and Practices Exam Prep



Chapter 4: Account Opening Procedures

1. Both the client and dealer member may terminate managed account agreements as long as the request is submitted in writing. Clients may terminate the agreement at any time, but if the dealer member is terminating the agreement, the client must be given at least _____?_____ days notice

a) 7

b) 14

c) 21

d) 30


Chapter 10: Takeover Bids, Insider Bids and Issuer Bids

2. In a friendly take-over bid (where management of the target company is amenable to the takeover bid), a (an) “ ________ agreement” may be signed between the offeror and larger shareholders of the offeree, in which the shareholders agree to sell their shares at a certain price to the offeror.

a) exclusive

b) lock-up

c) priority

d) pre-emptive




1. d) 30

2. b) lock-up


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CPH Exam Prep



Chapter 2: Regulation of the Securities Industry

1. This database allows dealers, underwriters, advisers and individuals to submit registration applications, changes, renewals and fees electronically in a single submission to all regulators?


a) NRD

b) CTO




Chapter 3: Registration of Securities Industry Participants

2. The Investment Representative (IR) designation would probably be held by ?


I. sales assistants

II. portfolio managers

III. non-licensed order representatives

IV. sales personnel at a discount brokerage firm

V. sales advisors


a) I, II, III, IV, V

b) I, III

c) I, II, IV, V

d) I, IV





1. a) NRD – National Registration Database


2. d) An IR is restricted to accepting and placing orders from clients. He/she cannot provide investment advice to clients.

Two examples include, salespeople taking orders

i. as a sales assistant to an IA

ii. at discount brokerage firms


Conduct and Practices Handbook Exam Prep Questions



Chapter 7: Cash and Margin Account Rules

1. If a stock is listed on a Canadian stock exchange; what is correct about the maximum loan rates allowed by IIROC in client margin accounts?

Maximum Loan Rate

I. if stock trades above $2.00 and is eligible for reduced margin                                             70%

II. if stock trades above $2.00 and is not eligible for reduced margin                                    50%

III. if stock trades between $1.75 to $1.99                                                                                       40%

IV. if stock trades between $1.50 to $1.74                                                                                       20%

V. if stock trades below $1.50                                                                                                              10%


a) I, II

b) I, III, IV, V

c) I, II, III, IV

d) I, II, III, IV, V


Chapter 5: Sales and Trading Conduct

2. A securities firm must set up systems and implement procedures to prevent the transmission of confidential material information from one area of the securities firm to another, and to safeguard sensitive information from being used inappropriately. All of the following would be helpful to meet this objective, except ?

a)     Chinese walls

b)    grey lists and restricted lists

c)     green sheets

d)    monitoring of employee trading activity






1.  c)    I, II, III, IV

Statement V is incorrect. If the stock trades below $1.50, the maximum loan rate is zero; not 10%.


2.  c)    green sheets.

Answer c, green sheets, would not be relevant. These are information sheets given to salespeople which highlight the details of a new issue.

Chinese walls represent barriers between certain areas of the securities firm, such as corporate finance and sales. Restricted lists are securities in which the employees of a securities firm cannot trade for a certain time period.


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Announcing our new online products!

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Conduct and Practices Handbook

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Chapter 3: Registration of Securities Industry Participants

1. There are four types of introducing/carrying arrangements. The _________ broker takes on increasingly greater responsibilities, moving from Type 1 to Type 4 arrangements. While the client is considered a client of the _________ broker under all four types, the carrying broker has Know Your Client obligations only under Type 1 arrangement, in which the carrying broker has some or all of the sales compliance responsibilities.


a) introducing ; introducing

b) carrying ; introducing

c) introducing ; carrying

d) carrying ; carrying



Chapter 4: Account Opening Procedures

2. Red flags that IAs may encounter during the account opening could include ?

I. clients who are reluctant to provide adequate information or supporting documentation

II. clients who submit documentation that appears to be altered or counterfeit or if all of the documents have recent issue dates

III. clients who submit documents that are photocopies, facsimile images or other electronic reproductions, even when certified as true copies by an attorney acting on behalf of the client

IV. clients who attempt to open accounts in other people’s names

V. clients who provide an address that is out of the local service area

VI. clients who provide a P.O. Box, General Delivery, or other type of mail drop address, instead of a street address when this is not the norm for that area


a) I to III

b) I to IV

c) I to V

d) I to VI




1. c) introducing ; carrying


2. d) I to VI