Registration is now open for our CFP® Preparation Seminars

Ready, Set, Go!

You can now register for our seminars for both exams in the CFP® program (and a case study seminar) running this November in Toronto and Vancouver. The last day to register for the exam is October 27th, 2015

The dates are as follows:

For Toronto:

Foran 5-Day Workshop for the FPSC Level 1™ Examination is running twice from October 29th to November 1st and November 11th to 15th

Foran Weekend Workshop for the FPSC Level 1™ Examination Candidates (October 17th to 18th and continuing the 30th to November 1st)

Foran Case Study Workshop for FPSC Level 1™ Examination Candidates (November 2nd

Foran 5-Day Workshop for CFP® Examination Candidates (November 4th to 8th)

For Vancouver:

Foran 5-Day Workshop for the FPSC Level 1™ and CFP® Examination Candidates (November 2nd to 6th)

Foran Case Study Workshop for FPSC Level 1™ Examination Candidates (November 7th)

For reviews from past students or more details on upcoming seminars, please call (416) 947-1922 or visit our website here.


Foran Capstone Workshop This September

Foran Financial’s Prep Workshop for the FPSC™ Capstone Course is coming up September 9th to the 10th in Toronto.

This is a great course for CFP® candidates that are getting ready to submit their final plan for the Capstone Course.

Instructors will discuss content requirements, areas of assessment, and help students ensure that they have completed all the required steps.

For more information and to enroll, visit our website.

Foran Wishes Everyone Good Luck

From all of us at Foran –Wishing you good luck with your FPSC Level 1® and CFP® exam on June 5th

Of course, we know the luck part is just icing on the cake. You’ve put a lot of effort into preparing, and that means you will do well.

So plan on having a good night’s rest before exam day, remember to have your financial calculator handy for the morning, and then take a moment. Take a couple of deep breaths, and relax.  Set the intention that you will be at your best during the exam. See yourself calmly working through each question. You may even enjoy fast forwarding your image until you see your goal for all of this achieved, and notice how good that will be feeling, as you think about it now.

A final thought – enjoy knowing how much you know, you know?

All the best

Countdown to a new Life License Qualification Program (LLQP)

There are only 7 months left until the end of the year and changes are happening to the LLQP Program. If you know anyone who is interested in this license, you have until December 2015 to be licensed through the existing program, with one provincial exam.

When the new program launches in January 2016, you will be required to pass four separate provincial exams. Between now and the end of the year Foran has 7 LLQP seminars scheduled in Toronto and 2 in Vancouver. See dates here:

So sign up early!

It’s Turkey Time!

In keeping with the tradition set up by our former co-worker Alison it is time to give thanks.

That is right! This weekend is Thanksgiving and I can’t wait for all of the great food, especially the Pumpkin Pie yummy!

As this is the time for reflecting on the wonderful aspects and blessings that life has given us. I will start it off, I am thankful for all my loving and supportive family and friends, without them I would not be the person I am today.

I am grateful for many things in life, from apples, to the beautiful scenery during the Fall (which is by far my favorite season), to catching up on season after season of my favorite TV shows with that special man in my life, most of all for the chance to experience the wonders that Toronto has to offer and for being given the opportunity to become a part of the Foran Team and Family! I am also thankful for those of you (Independent and Companies) who help to make Foran Financial successful! You all are truly an amazing bunch.

Also not to forget Hot Chocolate (double yum)

I could go on and on, but while that may just be a few of the things on my list, I would like to take this opportunity to say how grateful I am to have met the incredible students that have come through our doors so far since I have been here. I look forward to meeting more of you in the months to come!

I hope everyone has a safe and unforgettable weekend,
Happy Thanksgiving!


Registration is now open for our CFP Prep Seminars

We have seminars for both exams in the CFP program (and a case study seminar) running this November in Toronto and Vancouver. We are also running our Capstone Prep Workshop in September (more info here).

You will notice that the labels have changed on our website.

On July 1st, 2014, the Financial Planning Standards Counsel (FPSC) changed the names of their exams.

FPE1® à FPSC Level 1™ Examination in Financial Planning

FPE2® à  CFP® Examination

What has really changed?

FPSC had added a new designation: FPSC Level 1 Certification in Financial Planning. The purpose of this new designation is to offer some distinctive benefits to those on the path to the CFP Certification.

For more information on the FPSC Level 1 Certification, visit the FPSC’s webpage, here.

In terms of the exams

It’s still the same content.

There have been no significant changes to the FPSC Competency Profile. No more than normal updates.

FPSC Level 1 Exam is still on general knowledge, the CFP Exam on application, and you still submit a financial plan for your Capstone Course.


Now that we have cleared that up

You can go ahead and register for the FPSC Level 1™ Exam or the CFP® Exam (the FPSC’s earlybird discount ends Sept 29), and Foran’s prep seminar for your examination. Get studying.


Best of Luck to Alison!

It’s not goodbye but simply see you later…

The time has come to say farewell our outstanding co-worker Alison. From all of us at Foran we would like to wish you the best of luck in New York at your new job. So exciting! We know that you will be successful in all of your future ventures!

It has been an absolute joy having you work with us over the past two years and we will miss you dearly! Thank you for everything that you have done for our students and everyone here at Foran, you have gone above and beyond.

We will be rooting for you every step of the way as you continue with Fencing, Go Alison Go!!

From Your Foran Family and Fans

So Long, Farewell, See you Soon…


You can take the girl out of Canada, but you can’t take Canada out of the girl.

For those of you who don’t know, this is my last day at Foran Financial Institute. I am getting ready start new adventures in New York City, where I will be working, fencing, and trying so keep a shoe-box apartment tidy. Excited. Nervous. Excited.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to my Foran Family: instructors, co-workers, students. It has been a pleasure getting to meet and work with all of you wonderful people over these two years.

I feel more confident in this transition knowing that I am leaving you in good hands. I’m passing the torch to Nicole who, unlike me, does have her CSC and knows what she’s talking about when you ask her about the tests. Welcome, Nicole. We are so glad to have you here!

Until next time

All the best,


Keeping informed, and getting the information you want

Since CASL went into effect this Tuesday (Happy Canada Day by the way!) we have made some changes in the way we contact you.

By signing up for our mailing list you can now choose what kinds of messages you want from us and when.


Course Calendar – Includes all of our class dates, prices, and locations. We send this out only twice per year (January and June)

Last Call – Our class alerts tell you what classes are coming up. We send these once or twice a month.

CFP Candidate Information – Information pertinent to people pursuing their CFP designation through the FPSC. Including: updates on Foran’s seminars and material, course updates and clarifications, tips, tricks, and advice from our experts.

Occasional product and class updates – keep up to date on course changes, product updates, and other news from Foran.


What kind of information would you like to get from us? We would love to hear your suggestions!

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