Breaking it Down: Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) Designation

What is the CIM®?
The Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) designation offers credentials as a prerequisite in order to qualify for a license to become a Portfolio Manager.

The Steps to CIM® Designation:

The Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) ™ offers two routes for obtaining your CIM designation.

The CSI Routes:

1. CSC + IMT + PMT = CIM (Can be found on CSI Website)
2. CSC + WME + AIS + PMT = CIM (Can be found on CSI Website)

Foran Financial supports the first option only with the following seminars:
• The Foran Investment Management Techniques seminar (IMT).
• CSI ‘s IMT™ includes 2 exams, the first is technical knowledge and the second is a case study which tests application.
• People find the second exam “not as easy”
• The Foran Portfolio Management Techniques seminar (PMT).

Note: Students can complete these Seminars in any order according to their personal schedules.

If you have any questions about the WME, IMT and PMT seminars, please leave a comment below or give us a call.

If you are interested in registering for a course or purchasing one of our products, you can do so online or over the phone.

Breaking it Down – Derivatives & Options (DFC, OLC, DFOL, OPSC)

Derivatives and Options Exam Prep

Derivatives Fundamentals, Options Licensing, Options Supervisory

Foran offers support seminars for derivatives and options licensing exams. Our classes are flexible in order to accommodate people writing Option Licensing Exam (OLC), Derivatives Fundamentals Exam (DFC), and the whole shebang, Derivatives Fundamentals and Options Licensing Exam (DFOL).

The first steps to attaining these licenses are, as always: register with CSI, get your textbooks, read your textbooks. We do not administrate the DF/OL test or course materials; but we will be happy to help you pass.

Yes, you have to do some work ahead of time. Foran Financial seminars can dramatically reduce your study time, and we can give you the tools to pass the exam, but we cannot teach you all of the information in 2-5 days. These courses are designed to replicate a full 3 month semester in a university or college setting. No one can cram that hard. So please introduce yourself to the material before coming in.

The Classes

DF/OL and Options Supervisor (OPSC) seminars are instructed by our Securities expert, Ron Foran. Ron worked in the securities industry for many years and has taught securities licensing courses for over 25 years.

Looking at our seminars on the calendar, it may not be immediately clear how to choose your class. It appears that OLC , OPSC, and DFOL overlap, and that’s because they do. We run DFC and OLC consecutively. DFC is a 3 day class, OLC is a 2 day class, and someone writing the DFOL will simply take both sessions for a total of 5 days. Meaning that students writing the Derivatives Fundamentals exam will be in the same class as people writing the DFOL, they just get to go home a little earlier, and keep their weekend free.

Additionally, Options Supervisor runs in conjunction with the Options Licensing session. We recently started combining the two classes, and are very happy with how it has turned out.

The Options Licensing Exam contains about 80% of the same material as Options Licensing. We had lots of students who would come in for OLC, then go on to pass OPSC with little or no preparation. Now OPSC students join the same seminar are OPT, but they get a few additional handouts addressing their specific exam.

Even better for you, taking the OLC/OPSC seminar is a two for one.

The Tests

We highly recommend that students thinking about writing DFOL take the two tests separately. DFC and OLC are both manageable exams.  If you study and know your material, you should do very well on both. DFOL on the other hand is a tricky exam. Obviously it covers twice the material, and you have to retain all of those facts at once. More importantly, the time pressure is such that many people are unable to finish the exam.

Or other suggestion is that if you do decide to write the DFOL, you take the paper based. I completely understand the allure of getting your results immediately with the computer based exam, but this exam includes a lot of equations. That means transcribing a lot of information from the computer screen to your scrap paper, which is a big time suck on a time sensitive exam.

That’s just our two cents, and what we have heard from our students.

There are of course lots of people who write the DFOL on the computer and pass – but why make it any more difficult than it has to be?

If you have any questions about the DF/OL or OPSC seminars, please leave a comment below or give us a call.

If you are interested in registering for a course or purchasing one of our DFOL products, you can do so online or over the phone

Insurance – LLQP: Breaking it Down

Before you sign up for your Foran/ Advocis LLQP Workshop

Make sure that you have registered with a provider for the LLQP program and received your course material. Certified providers are the companies that send you your text books, create your certification exam, and send your grade on to the province. There are many providers including Advocis, CSI, Sunlife.

Remember, you cannot write your certification exam or your provincial exam without first registering with a provider of the LLQP program. Which means that even if you borrowed the LLQP text book(s) from a friend or inherited them from an uncle, you still have get them from a provider.

What to expect at Foran

Now that you have your books, we can help you pass the LLQP exams. Foran Financial’s 4 day workshop is designed to help you build your confidence and understanding of LLQP material while significantly reducing your study time.

This workshop will be most effective if you are already familiar with the material. There is a lot of information to cover in a short period of time. We are talking about getting through two text books in four days. Crack your books, know the topics, focusing on chapters 2, 3, 4, 9 and 10 (the biggies), and write down your questions.

We will review the material you are going to be tested on, focusing on major subjects and using lots of examples then apply that knowledge with sample questions, quizzes and case studies. Our instructor will also be giving you study and test taking strategies, so that you perform your best on exam day.

You will receive two books when you get to class. Yes, this is in addition to the books you already got from Advocis. Your Foran books contain quiz questions, a summary of the presentation, sample exams, case studies, and other supplementary handouts. We will be using these in class as well as assigning homework out of them. We want to give you all of the tools to master this exam!

The Foran seminar is specifically designed to compliment the Foran/Advocis LLQP program. That being said, we welcome students from any LLQP provider to benefit from our seminars. Because all LLQP candidates will have to write the same provincial exams, you can benefit from Foran’s seminars whatever provider you take the program with.

If you have any more questions about the Foran/Advocis LLQP workshop, please contact us.

Breaking It Down: Passing the Securities Exams

Securities Courses

The Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) sets the curriculum and exams for all securities courses. Someone wishing to take the exam must register for their course through the CSI either online  or over the phone. With this registration, the student will receive a text book or text books. These books, containing all of the material that the CSI can test students on, constitute the “course” proper, as it is a self-study program.

This registration also includes the students right to pick an exam date and write the exam. This means that there is no fee for a student’s first attempt at writing the exam. For more on specific questions about booking exams, fees, schedules, etc. refer to the CSI webpage.

What Foran Offers

Foran Financial offers are support seminars to complement students’ rigorous self study programs. We offer seminars on a variety of Canadian Securities licensing exams from entry level CSC volume 1 and CSC volume 2, through to Partners, Directors and Senior Officers including: Branch Manager and Options Supervision, Derivatives and  Options Licensing, and Investment Management seminars.

Instructor Ron Foran draws on solid financial industry experience as well as over 25 years teaching experience to help students comprehend the course material.He uses advanced learning and memory techniques to help students quickly learn and retain complex ideas.

Although the course can be completed by reading the material and taking the test on one’s own, many people find the classroom environment extremely beneficial.

Additionally, Foran publishes quiz books in order to test students’ knowledge of the material. Quiz books are included in the price of the course, and can also be purchased separately.