Canadian Securities Course volume 1 Exam Prep Questions



Chapter 1:The Capital Market

1. Which of the following is not true about Alternative Trading Systems (ATS)?

a)            less transparent than other trading systems currently in place and reduce costs dramatically

b)            also referred to as PETS

c)            networks that match orders outside of recognized exchanges

d)            trading activity is monitored by IIAC


Chapter 4: Economic Principles

2. What is the real rate of interest if GDP growth is 4%, inflation is 3.5% and the nominal interest rate is 8%?

a)            4%

b)            4.5%

c)            7.5%

d)            11.5%





1. d) Trading activity is monitored by IIROC, not IIAC.

2. b) 4.5%

Real Interest Rate    =    Nominal Interest Rate – Inflation Rate

=    8% – 3.5%

=    4.5%


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